You have OILY or PROBLEM skin

You have OILY or PROBLEM skin. Oily skin is the result of the overproduction of sebum from your skin’s sebaceous glands. Although it doesn’t make for a good look, sebum isn’t all bad, because it actually helps to protect and moisturise your skin. But overproduction can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and acne. Genetics, hormones or even stress can increase sebum production. What makes this skin type a problem is the fact that you effectively strip it of its protective layer with drying ingredients to combat the oil, which actually then causes the skin to overproduce to compensate! The answer is surprisingly simple – look for products with natural and gentle ingredients that won’t strip your skin but will still save you from that oily residue. Opt in for our free samples and we’ll save you the money of finding the perfect products for problem skin!