Time to go natural-ish..


For years, women have struggled to keep up with a series of complicated makeup trends. "Cat eyes," bold lips, and ridiculously long lashes are just a few styles that have made an appearance in the media before trickling down to the average woman's beauty arsenal – I don't even like most of these trends, yet I'm guilty of having tried them. 

Personally, I can say I've never felt more beautiful than when I've looked most like myself. If my skin is clean and clear, and if I can actually take a sip of my drink without worrying about smudging my lipstick, I feel more confident. 

Below, I'll help you achieve this same confidence using sustainable, all-natural skin care products.


Washing your face regularly with a high-quality cleanser, and hydrating with a tinted moisturiser, you'll be well on your way to amazing, natural skin.

I recommend W3LL People Bio-Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer – an organic, all-natural tinted moisturiser. Its cruelty-free formula contains SPF 30 with pure zinc protects skin from harmful UV rays, and contains ingredients like organic coconut and ginseng for hydration and antioxidants to achieve radiant skin.


We've all experienced it: waking up one morning to an unsightly pimple, and reaching for the concealer in an attempt to dab it out of existence. Ideally, though, a good concealer is more than just a magic wand for problem areas. This great, all-natural concealer is GMO-free and cruelty-free, and minimises the appearance of pores while rejuvenating your skin. Boasts all-natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter, helping you to correct blemishes and nourish your skin. 


If you have shorter eyelashes, you might especially feel the pain of coating them with mascara, only to have them deflate five minutes later. Even worse, sometimes you're simply left with a clumpy, black mess and no improvement.

Clear Brow & Lash Mascara Crystal by E.L.F. cosmetics doubles as a brow tamer and mascara, as the solution is clear and is easily applied to lashes and brows to achieve a natural look. As a bonus, this product is labeled vegan and cruelty-free.


I've found that powder blushes are difficult to blend into skin. Sometimes, it seems the colour simply sits unattractively on your cheeks. 

What I love best about creamy cheek tints is the natural-looking appearance, as well as versatile application. I often carry a cheek tint in my purse to reapply as both a lip and cheek freshener when I go out – I absolutely love its dual nature!

The Divine Duo Lip & Cheek Tint contains all-natural ingredients like coconut oil for smooth, moisturised skin, as well as Aloe and Agar to soothe and hydrate. What could be better than makeup that not only works in the moment, but actually improves and nourishes skin? 

Between helping the planet and helping along your natural beauty, shopping for organic cosmetics is the way to go!