Reduce Climate Impact: How to Flatten the Climate Change Curve

If COVID-19 has taught me anything, it’s how destructive rapid growth can be. I’m slowly getting used to making social distancing and staying at home my new norm, and I have to say it’s got me thinking more about the world we live in.

For years, I’ve been passionate about my environmental impact and climate change. With the pandemic having mind-blowing effects on our planet – and not all bad - the waters in Venice are running clear, wildlife has returned to canals, and pollution levels in big cities are declining, I’m wondering if now is a good time to start concentrating on ‘flattening the curve’ of climate change.

So, how can you reduce your climate impact while being stuck indoors? Below, I’ve come up with a few ways on how you can become more conscious about the environment.

1) Be Mindful:

Overconsumption is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, from ocean pollution to increasing carbon footprint.

The thing is, most of us are guilty of buying things we really don’t need. I’ll put my hands up and say I’ve indulged in many impulsive purchases over the years, only to declutter and throw them out at a later date – a bad habit that produces more waste!

By becoming more conscious of your purchases, you can help to reduce environmental impact. That’s not to say you need to achieve perfection! Buying products that truly bring joy, or purchasing sustainable items, can make beauty more fun, especially when you’re helping to make the world a better place!

2) Packaging Matters:

the beauty isles is exciting but items housed in plastic aren’t biodegradable, meaning they live forever in our environment, whether that’s a landfill site, by the side of the road, or in the sea.

Next time you’re browsing for your next purchase, ask yourself: Is there too much packaging? Is the packaging recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable? If the answer is yes, you know you’re on to a planet loving winner!

3) Think Outside the Box!

While we’re wired to throw out any item that no longer serves its original purpose, using a little creativity can help to reduce climate impact. I always try to look for other uses rather than tossing a product straight in the bin, whether that’s the product itself or the empty packaging.

Using conditioner as a shaving cream, and lipstick as blusher has been game-changing, especially when it comes to cutting down on waste (and saving money too!). Making my own DIY beauty products has also been highly satisfying, especially as someone who adores natural ingredients.

If you’re feeling creative, giving homemade beauty products a try like this DIY lipstick recipe helps to decrease your consumer waste.

4) Make a Start by Joining the Lipstick Challenge!

You don’t need to be a superhero to save the planet! Every large transformation begins with a few small steps, and helping to flatten the curve of climate change will only come when we all start taking conscious steps.

If you’re looking to make Earth a better place, I encourage you join my fun ‘DIY Lipstick Challenge’ - find the recipe here and share on Instagram using the hashtag #10lipstickchallenge! For every 10 projects shared, I’ll donate a meal to someone in need.

Have fun, get creative, and start making a positive imp